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Diecuts & laminates

Specialist TECHNICAL adhesive tapes
Quality and tailor made solutions
Product rangeDiecuts & laminates

EUROBANDS® has high-tech machines for both small and large series of stamped parts quickly and efficiently produce.

These tapes are a range of tailor-punched adhesive (simplex or duplex) tapes, adhesive tapes custom laminated (with full or split endpapers), tapes or tapes with adhesive-free zone overhanging bracts (finger lift tapes).

Diecuts are available in all types of materials (vinyl, foam, felt, aluminum, etc.), adhesive masses (acrylic, rubber, silicone), shapes and sizes.

Diecuts are used to reduce production costs, the quality of the finished product and to optimize the production process easier.

DIECUTS  are available in rolls, sheets or pieces. They can be produced in diiferent ways, please find some examples :

DOWNLOAD diecut examples

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