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Packaging tapes

Specialist TECHNICAL adhesive tapes
Quality and tailor made solutions
Product rangePackaging tapes

Wide range of packaging tapes. They come in various types of media, adhesive masses, colors and properties, for manual or mechanical applications. EUROBANDS guarantees a reliable and robust packaging quality.

Key features:
  • PP packing tape: economically and environmentally
  • PVC packing tape: strong, it is recommended on recycled cardboard
  • Packaging Tape can be printed (1 to 4 colors) to your products and give a personal touch to your trademark with your product to travel
  • Linen packing tape is very strong and hand tearable
  • Paper packing tape is extremely environmentally friendly
  • Fraud alerts tape for sensitive or high value shipments
  • Low noise types for a silent unrolling
  • Strapping tape: very strong, can be removed without damaging the surface
  • Filaments Tapes reinforced for heavy loads
  • Kraft Paper gommers, water activated. Natural tape, adheres perfectly on recycled cardboard and dusty surfaces

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