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Protective tapes

Specialist TECHNICAL adhesive tapes
Quality and tailor made solutions
Product rangeProtective tapes

A range of films (PVC or Polyethylene) for temporary protection of surfaces that are easily damaged during handling in production or during transport.

Key features:
  • Protect the surface from scratches or damage
  • protective film ensures a good final product quality and after removal leaves no adhesive marks on most surfaces
  • Ensuring better productivity: a well-protected material is more resistant to all types of operations such as bending or cutting, stamping ... Effectively, because deer do work or cleaning avoided
  • To reduce the rejection rate: in most cases it means a scratch product a product declined. EUROBANDS® protective film combats scratches and dirt and reduces the percentage of non-marketable products
Available in various micronnages (thickness) color, UV resistance levels, etc.
Available with an acrylic or rubber adhesive mass

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