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Specialist TECHNICAL adhesive tapes
Quality and tailor made solutions

EUROBANDS is able to slit all tapes in the width you need thanks to his lathe slitting method (from 2.0 mm ownwards)
The lathe slitting process of spinning log rolls of materials on a mandrel and indexing a single blade to precisely cut to your desired width.

Using the exact width and length will enable you to save money and to increase the output of your production.

We can program with these machines various parameters:
  • blade speed
  • blade direction
  • mandrel speed
  • blade sharpening cycles
Ensures that every roll of your product is slit to meet your specifications.

We are able to supply you the tape quickly without large minimum order quantities
Various lathe slitting machines offer the flexibility to slit a wide assortment of materials Further, our numerous machines, result in short lead times.

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