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Product range

Specialist TECHNICAL adhesive tapes
Quality and tailor made solutions
The comprehensive range of industrial tapes is an answer to the many requirements of the industry. Eurobands® offers a large and complete range of technical adhesive tapes that are cost-effective and quick solutions.

We can help you to reduce labour, waste and material costs while increasing your output and quality. Our advanced tape technologies deliver cost effective solutions for your specification needs.

You will find hereby an outline summary of our range of products, which is by no means limiting. Besides, each application requires a specific and unique solution.

In order for you to make the right decision, we strongly advise you to contact us. We can select with you the right adhesive solution for your specific needs at the right price level. We are capable of reacting with speed and flexibility to the individual customer’s requests.

All our adhesive tapes can be converted in any dimension (specific width, length, custom die-cut shape) within a narrow tolerance

Range of single-sided adhesive tapes with a pure aluminium or complex (polyethylene, polyester or polypropylene) aluminium carrier.

Insulation tapes made of an elastic butyl layer on a polyethylene, aluminium or non-woven carrier.

Range of double-coated tapes made of a homogeneous layer of extruded closed-cells acrylic foam, with extremely high adhesion, strength and resistance.

Range of self adhesive tapes, consisting of two layers of adhesive applied to both faces of the carrying material. The support can be paper, polypropylene, PVC, polyester, polyethylene, non-woven or fabric.

Range of double-sided adhesive tapes, consisting of two layers of adhesive applied to both faces of the carrying material. The carrier is conformable foam (polyethylene, polyeruthane or PVC).

Range of double sided tapes for ATG dispenser.

Range of high precision adhesive tapes (single or double-sided adhesive) precut to measure, laminated to measure (with a complete protective liner, micro-perforated liner, extended or splitted liner) or with a non-adhesive area.

EUROMOLL is a range of single-sided sealing foams made of rubber or plastic . Carrier can be polyethylene, polyester, EPDM, neoprene or PVC.

Range of adhesive anti-slip tapes with a high grip strength and resistant to “sticky” substances. Available with a smooth or corrugated surface.

Range of electrical auto-adhesive insulation tapes with PVC carrier. Available in different colours.

Range of heat-sealing tapes: the adhesive is activated through pressure and high temperature. Once activated heat seal tapes have a very high adhesion and excellent dimensional stability. Available on various carriers: polyester film, fabric cotton, membrane or paper.

Magnetic tapes are a range of flexible magnetic tapes made of strontium ferrite and elastomers. Also steeltapes belong to the range. Both tapes are available with one adhesive side or without adhesive.

Range of security anti-slip tapes intended to prevent skidding on slippery surfaces. Available in various colors.

Range of self-adhesive tapes suitable for marking.
They are available in various colours (mono- or bicolour).

Range of single sided packaging tapes available with various types of support, adhesives, colors and properties, for manual or automatic applications.

A range of films (PVC or Polyethylene) ensuring provisional protection of delicate material surface during the production process or during storage and transportation.

Range of single-sided printed tapes, available with different carriers, adhesives types, colours and properties, for manual or automatic applications. EUROBANDS guarantees quality in printing.

Range of auto-adhesive tapes available in various types of adhesive carriers: polyester film, PVC, polyimide, copper or glass fibre.

Range of self adhesive EPDM extruded gasket profiles in different forms. These profiles seal against moisture, heat and cold.

Range of uncoated cloth tapes with a carrier in polyamide, rayon or fibranne.

Range of coated cloth tapes. The carrier is coated to make them tight.

Range of selfadhesive tapes with a copper carrier. Exists with conductive adhesive and non conductive adhesive.

Range of adhesive tape of (semi-) crepe paper intended for the protection of any surface.

Range of PTFE tapes made of PTFE coated glass fabric or PTFE film.
Heat sealing elements are also available.

A complete range of accessories and dispensers (manual and
electronic) for single sided and double sided tapes.

EUROSTRAP : the solution to close, ring and palletise your products

EUROSTRETCH is a stretchable film range available in different thicknesses, for manual or automatic applications.

EUROBANDS® can supply certain types adhesive tapes in very long bobbins (up to 30.000 meters). These bobbins (spools) allow a significant reduction of the number of machine stops and can be integrated in the majority of production lines. Without requiring much extra space, they offer increased stability in comparison to the classic rolls.

Carry handle tape which facilitates transportation of packing and bundling.

A complete range of self-adhesive polyurethane bumpers.

A complete range of double-sided graphic tapes for mounting rubber or photopolymer stereotypes in flexography.

A range non-adhesive printed tapes used for notification of hazards, events management and demarcation of hazard areas.

SECURITY TAPE allows the sealing of packages and envelopes and prevents against defraud at the same time, is used on dispensers or machines. One obtains a « threat » effect (alarm starts) and a « tracing » effect (alarm persists)

A range of quality fastening systems composed of hooks and loops of different types.

EUROBANDS FAST EUROFIXERS® are available in removable or extra high-tack adhesive and packed in a practical, easy-to-use dispenser box.

EUROMOLL spacers insure protection between fragile glazing and other materials. They maintain a distance between two surfaces, are non-skid and absorb shocks & vibrations..

Complete range of industrial adhesives

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