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Printed tapes

Specialist TECHNICAL adhesive tapes
Quality and tailor made solutions
Product rangePrinted tapes

A full range of printed tapes

Range of printed single-sided adhesive tapes. They come in various types of carriers, adhesive masses, colors and properties, for manual or mechanical applications.

EUROBANDS guarantees a quality printing.

EUROBANDS printed tapes give your products a personal touch and make your mark with your travel products.

Information on printing:

Carriers (possible materials) : PVC, PP, PP low noise, polyester, filament tapes, cloth, paper, crepe, stretch film (from a minimum quantity), not afspanlinten adhesive, heat tape, labels, etc.

  • Width: 9mm, 12mm, 19mm, 25mm, 38mm, 50mm, 75mm, 150mm
  • Lengths: 66m, 132m, 660m, 990m
  • Maximum length of the cliché: 500mm
  • Maximum height of the cliché: the printing of 2mm to the upper side and underside of the tape
Types of printing: flexography (top print) or cello-mail (sandwich) for large runs

  • Basic colors for packing tape: clear, white or havana
  • Our tape may be provided with three printing colors. You can also tape a background color for your choice, however this may affect the color over it to print.
  • We work with PMS color numbers
Seamlessly deliver your logo:

Digital delivery of logos :

Very efficient tool for creating the stereotype of the printing tape is sending us a disk, email or CD-ROM for optimal appearance, structure, presentation:
  • Please save your logo into a PC file type, preferably CDR because colors can still be adjusted. If no CDR TIF or BMP (both are only 1 color logo)
  • For 2 colors take CDR (CorelDRAW 8.0, Illustrator 7.0 or WP). If this is not possible then everything has to be converted to curves, lines & contours
  • Resolution 300 or more. The higher the resolution the more obvious
  • Certainly not a JPEG file (for photos)
  • Macintosh diskettes can not be opened by us
Delivery of logos on film :

If no disk can be sent to us is delivering a negative film-readable full-size 1 / 1 of the print logos or text, a wonderful tool to ensure a perfect result. Bandwidth of 50 mm, height of the printing does not exceed 46 mm. You can adjust this film if necessary
  • Flexographic printing process: grid should be maximum 90 lines per inch
  • Repetition of images side by side
    • At 50 mm tape: 3 images
    • At 75 mm tape: 2 images
    • At 38 mm tape: 4 images
    • At 30 mm tape: 5 images
    • At 25 mm tape: 6 images
    • At 19 mm tape: 8 images
    • At 15 mm tape: 10 images
    • At 12 mm tape: 12 images
    • At 09 mm tape: 16 images
Delivery of logos on paper:

In the absence of floppy disk or film are some clear pictures of text and logo and color required. This may take the form of a letterhead, business card or any other picture.

Plain text without the logo is always possible to fax, but with addition of the font type.

  • We have many but not all fonts
  • If you want a specific font it's advisable to :
    • Check if this font is in our system
    • Deliver this font as a true type font (ttf)
    • Convert these letters to outlines / curves
Colors :
  • Use only PMS (Pantone Matching System)
  • Also possible to provide a color sample

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