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Rotary Die Cutting

Specialist TECHNICAL adhesive tapes
Quality and tailor made solutions
ProductionRotary Die Cutting

Die-cut tapes will help you to reduce the application time of your tapes or can be the creative solution for new self-adhesive products.

We produce high precision diecuts with our rotary machines. Rotary machines are used for long runs with narrow tolerances.
The processes of unrolling material through a press utilizing a precision engraved steel cylinder die to roll over and cut specified shapes.

CAD files electronically which can be electronically sent to us and these will be used to produce the engraved precision cylinder.
There is no limit to the way we can present our products, we will precisely meet your requirements. Please find some examples :

DOWNLOAD diecut examples
  • In roll form
  • Single pieces
  • Sheet form
  • Barefaced
  • Die-cuts on the roll with all waste removed
  • Die-cuts on the roll with centres and edge waste removal
  • With or without back split liners
  • Perforated die-cuts
  • Kiss cut parts
  • Die cut parts
    • Parts with simple and with double liner
    • Butt cutt
    • With partial neutralisation of the liner
    • Rolls or sheets with different diecuts on 1 roll or sheet
    • Pieces with oversized liner for easy removal
The benefits of this process are:
  • Parts are consistenly within tolerance
  • The fastest of all die-cutting methods
  • we are able to laminate various materials together, you can create your own parts instead of being forced to utilize standard products

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